Innovative Entrepreneurship

Programme for those who want to start their own business

Duration: 4 years
8 semesters
Study mode: Full-time
5 days a week
Degree Certificate: International
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About the program
The program will help you to bring your ideas into a complete business plan and provide you with all the tools and skills for converting it into a successfully operating company that generates income. You will obtain the unique practice-oriented knowledge and competencies in the areas of marketing, sales, management, SMM, and finance. 
Synergy University is located in the world’s leading business hub — DMCC and it gives you the opportunity for networking and learning from the world’s experts.
What you will learn: key subjects
  1. §1. Human Resource Management
    • Technology of hiring and selection of personnel.
    • Programs for the release of employees.
    • Systems of staff motivation and talent management.
    • Control order management systems.
  2. §2. Economics and finance of the company
    • Financial management.
    • Fundamentals of economic planning.
    • Budgeting.
    • Accounting and tax accounting.
  3. §3. Idea generation and business planning
    • Basics of commercial activity.
    • Business planning.
    • Methods and technologies of market analysis.
    • Attraction of investments
  4. §4. Competitive start-up
    • Selection of the scope of activities and justification for the creation of a new enterprise.
    • Basics of positioning.
    • Project management.
    • Risk management.
    • Methods of competitive struggle.
Innovative Entrepreneurship
Fees (semester)
USD 5000 - 7000
AED 18 350
September 2022
Advantages of the programme
Practical skills for business organization
Internships and job placements in Dubai companies
Students support for staying in Dubai and academic affairs
Faculties - current specialists
Trainings, seminars and master classes of industry experts
International Degree Certificate recognized all over the world
Emphasis on the acquisition of practical skills
Analysis of real cases and business tasks
Degree Certificates
State Bachelor's Degree Certificate
European Diploma Supplement (in English Language)
Special offers
Early Birds Scholarship (Bachelor's)
Early Birds Scholarship (Bachelor's)
Up to 35% for the 1st and last year of Bachelor's Degree Programme
Career Center
Career Center
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Academic Excellence Study Grant (Bachelor's)
Academic Excellence Study Grant (Bachelor's)
50% study grant for the 1st semester
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Scholarships and Grants
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