Hotel & Restaurant Management

Practice-oriented programme for the future restaurateurs and hoteliers

Duration: 4 years
8 semesters
Tuition fees: 18,350 dhs.
per semester
Degree Certificate: International
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About the program
According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the UAE tourism sector is expected to see a growth of about 6.5% from 2011 through to 2022.
1% of all students currently residing in the UAE are studying tourism & hospitality, whereas there is no doubt that tourism is a main driver in Dubai’s plans to be #1. Join the hospitality revolution and take advantage of the growth! Acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in the areas of hotel & restaurant management & hospitality. Start your successful journey at Synergy University Dubai Campus.
What you will learn: key subjects
  1. §1. Competition in the hotel and restaurant business
    • Management of an enterprise in a competitive market.
    • Marketing policy in the hotel and restaurant business.
    • Mechanisms of creating competitive advantages.
    • Fundamentals of market research in the field of competition.
  2. §2. Technology and standards of service in the hotel and restaurant business
    • State standards of service at the enterprises of hotel and restaurant sphere.
    • Principles of following state standards.
    • Quality management in restaurants and hotels.
  3. §3. Event Management
    • Preparation and planning of the event.
    • Management of the event.
    • Catering, logistics and legal aspects.
    • Technical support of the event and invitation of artists.
    • Financial management of the event.
    • Evaluation of the event and risks in event management.
  4. §4. Designing and opening a hotel and restaurant business
    • Development of a strategy for the development of enterprises in the hotel and restaurant business.
    • Construction of the organizational structure of the enterprises of hotel and restaurant business.
    • Rules for the selection and placement of equipment for the hotel and restaurant business.
Hotel & Restaurant Management
Fees (semester)
USD 5000 - 7000
AED 18 350
September 2022
Advantages of the programme
One of the most in-demand specialties
Internships and job placements in Dubai hotels and restaurants
Student support for staying in Dubai and academic affairs
Faculties - current specialists of international level
Trainings, seminars and master classes of industry experts
International Degree Certificate recognized all over the world
Emphasis on the acquisition of practical skills
Analysis of real cases and business tasks
Degree Certificates
State Bachelor's Degree Certificate
European Diploma Supplement (in English Language)
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