Hotel & Restaurant Management

A prestigious Masters Degree Program in the heart of the region`s most popular tourism hub

Duration: 2 years
4 semesters
Study mode: Full-time
3-4 days a week
Degree Certificate: International
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About the program

Improve your professional and managerial skills in the hospitality and F&B Industry. Acquire the crucial knowledge and practical skills you need to become a truly marketable leader in this exciting field. Start your successful business journey at Synergy University Dubai Campus.

Master of Arts in Hotel & Restaurant Management (HORECA) program is designed to enhance career prospects and develop managerial skills. The program allows one to best utilize their educational experience by giving one the freedom to customize their coursework to reflect their specific hospitality interests and preferences. The program is specifically designed to equip students with knowledge directly relevant to the workplace; such as analysis, operations, history and logistics in relation to the industry’s demands.

What you will learn: key subjects
  1. §1. Sales Management in the hotel and restaurant industry

    You will learn how to build a sales department in the hotel and restaurant industry. You will study and systematize the basics of the theory and practice of hotel and restaurant management in the modern market.

  2. §2. Marketing Strategies in the Hospitality Industry

    The right marketing strategy helps to create a positive image of a hotel or restaurant, to resist attacks by competitors and all sorts of external influences. You will learn several types of strategies that you can use in your career.

  3. §3. Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry

    This subject is aimed to give the future professionals of the hospitality industry a set of theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and skills necessary for making and substantiating managerial decisions on personnel matters at the enterprise level.

  4. §4. Establishing and designing of hotel or restaurant business

    You will receive theoretical and practical knowledge that allows you to effectively plan the activities of hotel companies and manage your business. The program will give you knowledge related to the design of the activities of hotel companies, the development of standards and technology services, the application of legal and regulatory documents governing hotel activities, the analysis of the use of standards in hotel activities.

Hotel & Restaurant Management
Fees (semester)
USD 5000 - 7000
AED 18 350 - 25 690
Advantages of the programme
One of the most in-demand programmes
Practices and internships in Dubai-based hotels and restaurants
Students support for staying in Dubai and academic affairs
Faculties - current specialists
Trainings, seminars and master classes of industry experts
International Degree Certificate recognized all over the world
Emphasis on the acquisition of practical skills in HoReCa industry
Analysis of real cases and business tasks
Special offers
Early Birds Scholarship (Bachelor's)
Early Birds Scholarship (Bachelor's)
Up to 35% for the 1st and last year of Bachelor's Degree Programme
Career Center
Career Center
Working and studying can be perfectly compatible with Synergy University Dubai!
Academic Excellence Study Grant (Bachelor's)
Academic Excellence Study Grant (Bachelor's)
50% study grant for the 1st semester
Scholarships and Grants
Scholarships and Grants
Apply for our special offers and get up to 50% study grants
Leave an application and get up to 35% scholarship!
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