A prestigious master’s degree program in the heart of the region's fastest growing business hub

Duration: 2 years
4 semesters
Mode of studies: Study mode: Full-time
3-4 days a week
Degree Certificate: International
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About the program

Our Masters of Arts in Global Economy Program is designed to improve the professional skills of middle and senior level managers working in the area of international business and economic relations as well as foreign economic activities of different companies.
MA Global Economy is one of the most prestigious educational programs at Synergy University. Graduates will acquire modern economic knowledge, understanding of globalization processes in international economy, advanced techniques in banking and finance and risk management along with economic functionality and development in certain countries and regions, and practical skills in the area of foreign economic activities.

What you will learn: key subjects
  1. §1. Conflicts in international trade and the resolution of international trade disputes

    Students are expected to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the current problems encountered in their negotiating practice by diplomats from different countries, working in all international countries. Achieving the main goal of the course includes consideration of the specifics of negotiating strategies and tactics of various states.

  2. §2. Financial terms of foreign economic contracts

    Study of issues related to the protection of commercial interests of the parties in the preparation and execution of foreign economic contracts. In addition to a detailed study of the formation of such contract points as the price of products, the type and method of payment, the form of payment, this course examines the legislative framework within which Russian enterprises operate, analyzed the financing schemes for the company's export and import operations.

  3. §3. Topical problems of international trade regulation

    You will develop the skills of research, analytical work, presenting the results obtained in the study of trade policy and the international movement of goods, services, the capital on the basis of modern international trade methodology.

  4. §4. Investment strategies in financial markets of various types

    You will learn the basic set of rules that an investor follows. You will understand how to create a system of financial measures to achieve long-term strategic business goals. Study different strategies and methods of investing.

Global Economy & Sustainability
Fees (semester)
USD 5000 - 7000
AED 18 350 - 25 690
Advantages of the programme
Core -
competencies for working in the global market
Practices and internships in Dubai-based companies
Students support for staying in Dubai and academic affairs
Faculties - current specialists
Trainings, seminars and master classes of industry experts
International Degree Certificate recognized all over the world
Emphasis on the acquisition of practical skills
Analysis of real cases and business tasks
Special offers
Early Birds Scholarship (Bachelor's)
Early Birds Scholarship (Bachelor's)
Up to 35% for the 1st and last year of Bachelor's Degree Programme
Career Center
Career Center
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Academic Excellence Study Grant (Bachelor's)
Academic Excellence Study Grant (Bachelor's)
50% study grant for the 1st semester
Scholarships and Grants
Scholarships and Grants
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