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Why study in Dubai

Dubai is the largest city of the United Arab Emirates and the Administrative Center of the Emirate of Dubai. The most important shopping center of the Middle East.

On the shore of the Persian Gulf, this amazing city combines unshakable oriental traditions with cutting-edge architecture and infrastructure.

Futuristic megalopolis on the shore of the Persian Gulf, the "Arab miracle in the sands" invariably attracts thousands and thousands of tourists who want to see firsthand the miracles of the world, enjoy first-class rest.

World-Wide Recognized Hub of Hospitality Industry
Due to Expo2020 exhibition, according to experts, Dubai expects up to 25 million tourists in 6 month, as well as opening of more than 27000 hotel rooms in next 5 years. Dubai is the best place to study and work in the field of hospitality and tourism.
Job Placement
There are all the most reputed companies, an incredible number of hotels, banks, business in Dubai which are waiting for educated executive professionals with an international degree. You will be able to easily find a job after graduation from Synergy University Dubai.

Imagine, you can leave your bag and valuable belongings without any oversight. As far as the safety is considered, Dubai is one of the leading cities in the World.

Under the patronage of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, Dubai Police makes the staying of all residents and guests of Dubai safe. No crime exists in this city, so, indeed, Dubai is an absolutely safe place.

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