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Synergy University is not only about training, teachers and homework. Student life at the university is diverse in variety of cultures, with a variety of fascinating classes and entertainments, with the power of team spirit.

Each of our students is unique and brings his individuality to our big family. And we, in turn, do our best to help each student to discover their potential and develop the best qualities.

Talent, passion for knowledge, purposefulness, strengths and weaknesses - this is what we take as a basis and with what we work and improvise.

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Sports at the university is an integral part of student life, actively supported by both students and university staff. You can take part in our sporting events such as: Basketball, football, beach volleyball, sports running. In addition, if you feel that you can add your sporting direction, we will always support you!

Student activities

Studying at the university is always accompanied by active student activities. You will be with us for 4 years, and we will make them the best and unforgettable moments in your life. Together with your friends, you will visit a large number of events and places that will forever remain in your memory!

Educational conferences

The University on a regular basis sends students to scientific exhibitions and educational conferences of students. Because of this, students can open their personal potential and get certificates that will help them to build a career in the future.

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