Student senate

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Student senate of Synergy University Dubai Campus
a group of students carrying out social and innovative projects affecting all university students

What is senate?
The Senate is the supreme body of student government, which includes students of all Bachelor's and Master's programs. The Senate consists of active students who are eager to work and understand the value of student years.

Aims of senate
Representation of students' interests before the university administration. Organization of cultural events (sections, clubs, etc.) Organization of sport events (basketball, volleyball, football, etc.)

Main tasks of the Senate
  • ensuring and protecting the rights and interests of students
  • ensuring that students fulfill their duties
  • to promote the educational, scientific and creative activities of students
  • Creation of different student circles, associations, clubs by interests
  • Assistance in the employment of graduates
  • Organization of cooperation with students from other universities and youth organizations
How the Senate can help you?

The Senate helps to learn teamwork, organize various interesting activities for students and the university. You can take part in planning, creating and participating in new interesting projects. The Senate will also help to awaken the qualities of the Leader, to form an active life and civil position, to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, to facilitate useful acquaintances with interesting and promising people, to learn to value their time and skillfully combine their studies with activism and promote the development of talents.